The business Perceptronic elektronische Anlagen Forschungs-, Entwicklungs-, Produktions- and Vertriebsges.m.b.H. was opened at of  March 1991 by  Mr. Friedrich Jarosch, Ing. El. Dipl. ITS.  Many years of experience - 30 years in the area of security communication technique and property automatisation - makes this company faceable to develop and offer complete systems due to practical experience.

Company History
Since the start of Perceptronic GmbH the company established trough its expertise and suitable strategies of protection of peoples lives and valuables a base for a appropriate market position.

Solutions with protective systems for burglary, theft, fire, elementary event, as well as valuables and people became a practicing reality.

Perceptronic Security Engineering
have a qualified team of experts, who offer, after a careful analysis on the spot custom- made system solutions. The offered security concepts are based on products and systems which already have been proved as most successful in practice.